Florida Federation of Garden Clubs
April 1998 State Convention
When someone calls you by name...
Or names "something" after you...
It is generally because they like you a lot...or that "something" has particular qualities that remind  them of you.
a friend once named a flower after me...it's called "Lady Emma"
and it's BIG.......PINK..........and....WRINKLED!
Well, I too have a friend who deserves this special recognition.
We took the stalwart "Norman Lee" and crossed it with a bit of "Blushing  Romance"  to create  a
specimen that was born with a deep, red heart and touched with a sunny, yellow personality.
It is a hardy variety that will  put up with allot of stress but remain soft around the edges.
It's a prolific bloomer except for this evening.  This plant has no blossoms because the flower is
blooming at our head table.
Jo Williams
Ladies and Gentlemen,
I present the latest cultivar registered with the American Hibiscus Society
a fiery, hot little number...
"Jo Williams"

O Edgar Williams and  Jo Williams, President of the Florida Federated Garden Clubs
District 8 Delegates
Marion Crane, Mary DeLong, Alice Chanstrom and Sue Jones
Dottie Womble, Evelyn Rodriguez, Dorothy Meyers and Jeanne Bedami
From the Davis Islands Garden Club in Tampa
Disttrict X
District X
Terrific Ten's Kay Jackson, Rose Levis, Pat Matthews and Patty Prange, District Director

Edgar and Jo with Electric Eleven's Designer Cindy Rieger.
While the business of the convention was being handled by our President and the delegates, Eben Rieger took the "mates" for a cruise on boad the Rieger"s 72 foot Hatteras, "Sandpiper VI".
the mates
"the mates"

Cindy also created one of the many wonderful designs at the convention.
ann & Jo
State Convention Chairman, Ann Schandelmayer being inducted into the "Hall of Fame"
rose starr & me
Starr Fisher, M.E. DePalma and Rose Bechard-Butman
presenting Ann with her answering machine.

Nan Knox receiving her Hall of Fame Award
District XII
 Keys Contingent
seated: Meredith McDonald, Marathons 2nd VP; Char Merritt, Marathon President; Martha Lorimer, Key West GC
standing: Toni Appell, District Awards Chairman; Barbara Werner, District Director and Barbara Wolf, Pres. Key West GC
Guest speaker Katie Moss Warner, Director of  Horticulture and Environmental Initiatives at Walt Disney World
with Joyce Droege, a member of the Green Thumb Garden Club of District VII
Surprise guest Lois Dupre Shuster, Second Vice President of The National Council of State Garden Clubs

"Lady Emma" and "Jo Williams" are available by request from Winn Soldani.
To see his Hibiscus catalogue online or contact him by email go to  Fancy Hibiscus

Over 400 of the world's leading biologists have recently declared that the earth is facing  it's 6th period of mass extinction of plants and animals.  This one, unlike all those before, is caused by MANKIND.
The major cause is HABITAT DISTRUCTION by humans.
You might feel like there is not much you can do to make a difference but you would be wrong.
One person, each one of us, CAN make a difference.

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