"Your dreams make the magic"

Class1. "Willowy Child"
Floral Design: Betty Ann Zeiher
Betty  Ann Zeiher class1Mary Secrist class 2

Class 2. "The Carefree Child"
Floral Design: Mary Secrist *
Maggie Pearl class 3
Class 3. "As the Eyes See It"
Floral Design: Maggie Pearl

Section B (All plant material must be fresh)
"The Secret Garden"
"My tropical garden
The one in my dreams
Is filled to the brim
With such wonderous scenes"'

Class 4. "Lush Garden"
Floral Design: Cindy Reiger *
Cindy Reiger class 4Ann Schandelmayer class 5

Class 5. "In the Spot Light...Daffodils"
Floral Design: Ann Schandelmayer
Ellie Leutheuser class 6
Class 6. " Daisy In Mosaic"
Floral Design: Ellie Leutheuser

Section C (All Plant material must be dried)
"The Last Hurrah"
"Celebrate with delight before the still of winter's night"
Class 7. "Night Out"
Floral Design: Cindy Reiger *
Cindy Reiger class 7ME DePalma class 8
Class 8. "Faux Festival"
Floral Design: M.E. DePalma
Joanne Nickells class9
Class 9. "...the Hour of Winter...the White Winter"
Floral Design: Joanne Nickells

Section D
Table Artistry Awards
"Poetry in Tables"

Class 10. "Porcelain Tea Set"
Table Design: Kristine Blake
K Blake class 10L McGrath class 11

Class 11. "Sunset at Higgins Lake" Table Design: Lynne McGrath

Class 12. "Renaissance Sonata"
Design: Jan Handley *

Section E
Petite Award
"Spice of Life"
Class 13. "A Celebration of Life with all of its Pleasures"
Design: Ellie Leutheuser
Class 14. "I Dreamed I went Dancing with Flowers in My Hair"
Design: Jo Williams
E. Leutheuser class 13J Williams class 14
A Vollmuth class 15
Class 15. "Celebration of Spring"
Design: Arlynne Vollmuth *

Section E
Novice Category
"In my Artistic Imagination"
Class 16. "Regal Passion Flower"
Floral Design: Rose Bechard-Butman

Those of us who won our first Blue Ribbons wish to extend our heartfelt thanks to the members of the garden club who over the past years have contributed their time and talents to teach us and help us grow. Your special willingness to share your cuttings, creative talents and enthusiasm
is what garden club is all about.

Thank You for visiting.

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