Hurricane Frances Hits the Fords

Our outdoor room with the Aluminum roof had been there for over 10 years.

It lasted through several hurricanes and hundreds of parties!

There was plenty of room for dining.

or just lazing in the sofas

or on the daybed protected from the weather and the hot sun.


Then Frances paid us a visit.....

Frances ripped off the roof, tearing the wood away and exposing our beams.

The roof blew over the house and landed in the front yard

Leaving everything exposed to the elements

The china cabinet remained standing. Everything else became flying furniture.

We are wet but safe.

And grateful that the roof did not cause any damage to another's property as it went skyward!

This was a very scary storm!

After three weeks, we finally had the roof reinstalled and then came Jeanne. It hit land at the same latitude and longitude as Frances and Yes, the room landed in the front yard again ...only this time on top of the carport!

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