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The Secret Gardens of Martin County

 A Tour sponsored by The Garden Club of Stuart, Inc.
 members of the  Florida Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc.
District X
A selection of 9 gardens offer visitors a  masterful collection of  creative ideas for all types of landscapes.
Using new varieties and old favorites, dirt gardeners and Landscape Architects developed theme gardens that captured your attention and imagination.   A Tropical Rainforest, A Jewel on the River, A Palm Paradise, An Artists Retreat, A Bermuda Beauty, A Place on the Point,  a Sunset Garden, A Frog Heaven and Jonnie's Hospice Garden; showed us that there are plants available to thrive in all locations.   Whether your spot is boggy or dry, salty or loamy......All you need is a little imagination, the right species and some TLC.

The Rain Forest Garden
was developed by Landscape Architect Phil Maddux.  There are over 1,000 varieties of plants in his garden with a place for perennials, a butterfly area, hummingbird habitats, native collections and aquatics.
 It is a collectors paradise!
Black Bamboo(Giantochloa atroviolacea)
Black Bamboo  is a dramatic addition to a garden.
pink jatropha(Jatropha integgerima)
Baby Doll Jatropha is a good butterfly attractor.
Bogonia alba(Begonia Ordorata alba)
 Plant some Giant White Begonia for lush continuous blossoms

Native Mimosa groundcover looks like little pink lolly pops!

The Jewel on the River
Paula Crouthamel, a Landscape Architect, created her own Jewel and started planting just 2 1/2 years ago.
She has created several gardens on her property.
Golden Bamboo & Star Sedum
The Meditation Garden is a peaceful place with the golden glow of Bamboo and a carpet of Star Sedum

Ice Plant(Delosperma cooperi lavender)
In the Catus Garden where "some like it hot"  the incongrously named Ice Plant shares a spot with the Agave

It's a Palm Paradise built on a famous old palm plantation
A beautiful spot  to linger by the tropical lagoon and gaze out over the St. Lucie river.
palm plantation
You are surrounded by a variety of handsome palms from the majestic Bismark to the funky, chunky Bottle Palm.  Landscape Artchitect, Meg Whitmer helped create this magnificent landscape.
bottle Palm

An Artist's Retreat
Chris & Julia Perry are "dirt gardeners" who have combined their talents to create a retreat that offers several special spots to please the eye.  From the sunny floral entrance to the angel bridge, this is an inspired garden that has a hint of romance and a touch of whimsy!

Sunflowers and a welcome mat of Coreopsis welcome you to The Perry's Place!

Herbs share space with the loofa vine
Pandora vine
Pink Pandora Vine is a nice contrast against the weathered gray fence
Petrea Vine(Petrea volubilis)
A trellis hangs heavy with the lavendar blossoms of Florida Wysteria which is also called Queen's Wreath
Angel Bridge
Angels Guard the back yard bridge.  There is no water to cross only a river of rock.
But then,... the walking Iris doesn't really walk.  Just close your eyes and Imagine!

The Sunset Garden
Bold, colorful plantings and sensuous curvy paths lead you naturally to the waterfront.  Landscape Architect Meg Whitmer of Collective Design combined a unique collection of salt tolerant plants to fashion this special setting with a feng shui feeling.
"Red Sister" Hawaiian Ti Plants grace the river stone walkways long with "Red Tip" Cocoplum,
Oyster Plants and Corkscrew Crotons

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