I visited Key West, Florida where the Garden Club provided the public with a special opportunity to peek behind the fences and walls of five private gardens.

The following are photos taken during that trip.

Each and every garden was beautiful and deserving of the distinction bestowed upon them.

However, two of the gardens deserve special mention. One belongs to Pat Tierney and is an inspiration to all who inherit empty lots when they begin gardening. His property had only three trees when he began landscaping 14 months ago and it is now a lush tropical paradise for him and his parrot "Boobala".

The other, is the garden of Mark Lindus. Mark operates Marc's House, a vocational /center for the mentally and physically handicapped in Key West. He teaches gardening skills that enable his students to secure gainful employment in the area. This is "Garden Therapy" at its best!

lignum vitaebromelids
Lignum vitae (Guaiacum sanctum) and beautiful Bromeliads on the grounds of the West Martello Tower and Garden Center in Key West

Orchids grow in the trees and on the walls of the old fort.

One of the many Banana plants at the Bennett house. This dwarf Chinese Cavandish variety is only 5' tall from the top of the trunk to the ground when fully grown. It produces bananas 6 " long and about 1 1/2" in diameter which don't split open and cause fruit flies to swarm. It is also resistant to wind tattering.

tierney beginsveranda added
The modest, 850 square foot building purchased by Pat Tierney, has been converted into a modified tropical bungalow. Walls were knocked out; French doors were added along with a wrap-around veranda and a hamock positioned to give its owner a great view of the paradise he created!

torch ginger
Mini torch ginger (Tapeinochilos ananassae)

The pool surrounded by the mini gardens and waterfall areas created in the Lindus yard with the help of Marc's House special students.

A magnificent date palm (Phoenix dactylifera) dances in the wind against a brilliant blue sky

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