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Jerold R. Ford

M.E. DePalma Ford and J.R. Ford

M.E. and J.R. Ford  January 2008

Pamela Deapalma and ME on board the Millenium

Back Home again in Indy!

On the Brickyard Finish Line.

The Wedding Party
Unconventional Wedding

L-R: Male of Honor,Bill; Bride, ME;Groom, JR and Best Woman Rose

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My Birthday Party

J.R. and Me at Cannes
cannes jr & me
My grandcat, Beau.
becky and paul
Paul & Becky
JR at Indy
J.R. at Indy
logan & jj
Logan & J.J.


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Steve and Tracy with friends, Tom & Jane, at Pearson Falls in Tryon, NC  ,  Oct. 2002  See Tracy's Interior Designs

Family Photos

The Stetz family with Shaba,
their  Golden Retriever
alex,micky and Des
Alex, Micky and Desiree
chicken central
A Happy Home for Polish hens
Desiree & Shaba 

Donna and Glenn Mordini Mara Mordini, glenn Mordini and donna Mordini
Glenn and Donna Mordini Mara, Glenn and Donna

Donna and Me on Verscace's bed
Donna and Me on Gianni Versace's Bed at Casa Casuarina 2008

 David, Mara and Richard Mordini
David, Mara and Richard Mordini

Bon Voyage

Cruising with Mom, JR and Paul
Caribbean Night
anuncio and mom
Mom and our waiter Anuncio
Mom & ME soaking up the sun
Come along on my Summer Vacation to  Wisconsin

Family Christmas Cruise 2003

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