Kayaking Divas First Kayak Excursion

Diane Sobo, Sharon Bogard., Rose Butman, Cheryl Rickers, Joan's sister Nancy Felps, Joan Czukor, M.E. DePalma

Sustenance...then Launch at Colohatchee Nature Park.  This 9.3-acre recreational facility is located on the South Fork of the Middle River.  The southern extent of the park encompasses a mangrove preservation area and features a boardwalk for nature observation.
Rose Butman
Rose Butman
Sharon Bogard
Sharon Bogard
Cheryl Rickers

| Rose
Diane Sobo

Sharon and Cheryl

M.E. DePalma

Crusing Down the River
Egrets, Ibis, Butterflies and Iguanas,
Flora,Fauna and Fun

Joan and Nancy Heading Home
An invitation from Elaine and Dixie to stop for Bloody Mary's
Sandwiches!Elaine Monson
Sandwiches and Cupcakes with Bloody Mary's at Elaine's Bar
got us into doing a reprise of the songs from "Menopause the Musical"

Rose tried to steal the Adorable Dixie

Entertaining Elaine
While the rest of us were Entertaining Elaine
DePalma, Sobo and Bogard sining into stoppers
We are the Stars Singing into Crystal Stoppers!

Looking Forward to our next trip!