Divas Celebrate in Style

For a Great Diver ask for  Andreas

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Introductions in the Lobby


Getting ready to Laugh!

Into the Limo and off we go!

Hurry up Jo, The Champagne is ready to pour!

Opening my presents!

Give me a High 5 
and sing another song!.....Like you did on stage!

Becky and Diane ready to roll

Getting Crowned Diva Queen

Elaine, first friend and 
presenter of  Crown

Michael is a awesome Chef

Divas Dining at
Michael's Kitchen

Great Food & Wine

Tuna with noodles

Pear Salad with sugared pecans was all we could photograph 
Rose ate the rest

Everyone is a Diva

Diva Sharon Bogard

Diva Rose Bechard Butman

Diva Elaine Monson
Click on  image to see Rose dancing in the background- trying to steal her moment by upstaging her

Diva Michele Myers

Diva Joan Brookwell

Diva Jo Williams

Diva Becky Grainger

Diva Diane Sobo

David McLean asked us to come to his retirement party being held that same  evening at the Lutheran Church Hall. 

We  all love David...
and could not pass up the opportunity
to honor him so our limo driver dropped us off for a brief visit at the church.

We were welcomed by 
"Boborino" Haehle

We all gave him hugs and to show we loved him so much we posed for....the next photo patterned after a biblical painting

The Adoration of David McLean

Guest Ann Schandlemayer with Diva Bogard

Getting a Piece of David's tail

Diva Jo Williams with husband Edgar and a better behaved M.E. DePalma

Back in the LIMO

Bosom Buddies
Off to Hamburger Mary's
for Smores courtesy of Rose

 How to eat a smore with
The Essence of Etiquette

At Hamburger Mary's with Liquors compliments of the management

Some more Smores.....then  We don't remember anymore

10 broads drank 10 bottles 

and sang hundreds of songs, told jokes, laughed until they cried and

I had the Best Birthday EVER!

Photography courtesy of
Diva Michele Myers

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